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The Grim Thoughts of An Aging Single Man:

I’ve hit the age where my friends, and/or old colleagues are getting engaged or, at the very least, are in a lasting relationship. Then there’s me, the single one. I’m happy for my friends and to find out about their engagements (I’m not that bitter about it), but at the same time I’m sad/miserable about my own companionless life. 

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Wall Piece with 200 Letters by Mikko Kuorinki

From March 2010 until February 2011 Mikko created a new text piece every week at the Kiasma Museum. The series is rather extensive, so I’ve just selected a few of my favourites. Each quote is taken from a variety of inspiring authors, poets and philosophers. See the whole series here.

Artists: | Website | [via: Yellow Trace]

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“nothing lasts forever” by anatol knotek
have a look at more of my text-objects and installation art here:


“nothing lasts forever” by anatol knotek

have a look at more of my text-objects and installation art here:

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The two-year-long 100 Posterworks project by Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen uses basic black text banner to convey comical messages. via

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Had a dream I was stage managing a concert at a small venue. Where Quinn (from Dexter) was my assistant stage manager and Radiohead was playing. Then Thom Yorke walked off stage because he wasn’t happy with the sound & I had to negotiate with him to continue the show (he didn’t btw). Weird!

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I work with an 18 year old, and we’ve had several conversations with him about life and what to do with it. I’ve repeatedly told him two things:

1. Get Post Secondary education out of the way

2. Live abroad

He told me today that those things “haunted his mind” and he applied to school and eventually plans on moving to Australia. It just dawned on me now, at 3:30 am, that I just changed someone’s life for the better! I barely know the kid and I made a lasting impression.

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Upgraded to the New iPhone 4s!!!

I’m finally up to date with iPhone technology! Until like tomorrow, when they come out with a new one, of course.

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Kim Jong Il is Dead!

Is it sad that one of the first things to go through my mind after hearing about it was; I wonder what Jon Stewart will say about this? 

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I’m Feeling Down Tonight:

I don’t like writing these "balls out"  type of posts, but it’s good to get things off my mind. I’m feeling down and extra lonely tonight. 

I’ve been thinking far too much (it’s dangerous) and have been reminiscing about all the relationships, possibilities & females I’ve let drift away in my life. It doesn’t help that I saw what looked like a fairly new couple on the subway tonight, and they were fucking adorable! I had that once!

But I believe that things happen for a reason, so I’ll patiently wait. In the mean time, I’m going to go eat a tub of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream by myself. 

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