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Mr Henri lost his wife after a life together, then the old man decided to get tattoed all that reminds him the love of his life… (excuse my english, not my native language)

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The Story of my (Future) Tattoo:

I’ve always liked tattoos but I’ve just admired them from afar and never gotten one of my own. However, that will change next month. I’ve made a promise to myself; I’m getting inked! 

Imma get intimate with you strangers & people of the interwebz. My mother passed away when I was young, and as an ode to her, back in High School I drew up a design for a tattoo. Nothing ever happened with it though, I folded it up and stuck it in a box, but I knew, if I were to ever get a tattoo that that design would be it. 

Recently I’ve had the sudden urge to get a tattoo, so I dug up the old drawing and thought to myself, “next month is my birthday, I’ll get it done then”. It then dawned on me, I’m turning 24, my mother passed away when I was 14 AND she passed away days before my 14th birthday. Therefore, next month (January) is the 10 year anniversary of my mothers death.

Long story short, I’m getting a tattoo, and it’s meant to be! 

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